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Natureworks Nutrition

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Natureworks Nutrition

I believe that each and every one of us is physically unique, from the inside out. I love that! We all have different histories, injuries and illnesses. I don’t believe there is one plan, or diet, or way of eating that fits everyone perfectly. Trying new, healthy choices and experimenting with different food groups is key. When we try something new or change how we eat in a positive way we can experience big changes in the way we look and feel. My Nutritional consulting is based on utilizing whole, nutrient dense, organic food that produces the types of noticeable changes you will love. Learn more >>


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Research has shown that nutritional consulting can help provide you with perspective, education, motivation, and accountability that greatly increase your chances of making healthy life-long changes. My approach blends research-based science with my personal experience in holistic nutrition. A holistic approach to health and wellness means that I look at how different areas of your life are connected. I will be your personal nutrition coach and we will work together to create the best plan for YOU. I will show you that healthy food tastes good! Healthy food will give your body what it needs to move through all aspects of your life. Learn more >>


High Altitude Healthy Recipes

I enjoy cooking healthy and delicious meals for my family. I'm constantly on the lookout for new, easy choices that are quick and fun to prepare. Serving whole, nutrient dense, organic food is always my goal. Whether you are a client in one of my yoga classes, nutrition programs, or a follower of my blog, I hope you visit often for new, free recipes that you can try and enjoy. And... all of my recipes have been tested at high altitude, so the chance of problems has been greatly reduced if you live, like I do, where recipes don't always turn out as planned. Visit the High Altitude Healthy Recipes section of my blog.

Stillwater Yoga

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I love Lisa's yoga classes!  She is a great instructor, is very knowledgeable and makes the classes fun!  Service to her clients is her motto and I feel blessed to have her in my life! She really cares about her clients!

Sheryl S.

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I found myself lucky to have Lisa as a nutritional coach. One of the best takeaways was “make more deposits than withdrawals.” She gave me great insight to what I was eating; good & bad. I learned about foods I never heard about before & many of those are now incorporated into my everyday life. Thanks!

Brenda F.

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I have been taking Lisa’s Gentle Flow Yoga class in the summer for a few years.  It is the only class I have found that combines stretching, core work, and balance all in the same class.  I love it and miss it when I am away for the winter months.  Lisa is an exceptional teacher.

Jane B.

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