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I believe that each and every one of us is physically unique, from the inside out. I love that! We all have different histories, injuries and illnesses. I don’t believe there is one plan, or diet, or way of eating that fits everyone perfectly. Trying new, healthy choices and experimenting with different food groups is key. When we try something new or change how we eat in a positive way we can experience big changes in the way we look and feel. My Nutritional consulting is based on utilizing whole, nutrient dense, organic food that produces the types of noticeable changes you will love. Learn more >>


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I love Lisa's yoga classes!  She is a great instructor, is very knowledgeable and makes the classes fun!  Service to her clients is her motto and I feel blessed to have her in my life! She really cares about her clients!

Sheryl S.

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I found myself lucky to have Lisa as a nutritional coach. One of the best takeaways was “make more deposits than withdrawals.” She gave me great insight to what I was eating; good & bad. I learned about foods I never heard about before & many of those are now incorporated into my everyday life. Thanks!

Brenda F.

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I have been taking Lisa’s Gentle Flow Yoga class in the summer for a few years.  It is the only class I have found that combines stretching, core work, and balance all in the same class.  I love it and miss it when I am away for the winter months.  Lisa is an exceptional teacher.

Jane B.

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Overwhelmed. The fire that tore though our area was terrifying but somehow my home stands. Feeling survivors guilt. Just getting through the day is hard because I’m not able to DO much yet. The National guard showed up. Insurance , smoke, damage....we are not allowed in. I just want to go home. Grateful that my home will still here there to clean and repair while so many are starting over from scratch. It’s heartbreaking with neighbors asking about who is ok and checking on whose homes are gone or not. So many cannot find out. It’s been 6 days with no news for them. The sheriff is threatening people / neighbors trying to share the photos and little info we have - it’s unacceptable that so many still don’t know if they have a home to return to. I’m trying to not get angry. Winter is here and the timing of its arrival is making things worse. I’m a rule follower by nature but in this case I will still share photos and information to help my friends, neighbors and community get closure so they too can get a handle on what to do next. So many puzzle pieces to this type of disaster, frozen pipes, flooding, needing to boil water, needing so much. I’m lucky -I know. I have most of what we need even if I can’t find it in the mess of what we were able to get out. My head is racing and maybe it’s not a great idea to allow these thoughts to land here but... I want to say I’m ok, as soon as I can physically be allowed back I will help anyone who needs it. We will stick together and we will rebuild and be stronger than before. Continue to do what is right even if it’s frowned upon. I could care less if the sheriff chastises me with the others. Share what we know, what we have, and support however we are able. Love. Strength. Tears. #grandcountystrong #naturaldisaster #wildfires #coloradofires2020 #f2020 #easttroublesomefire #communitylove #strugglebus ... See MoreSee Less

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And I love and miss you too and am so glad you are safe too

Love you lady. I can't imagine what you're going through. I feel so much pain myself and I am not there. You are doing everything you can but this is grief and a grieving process. Let it happen so you can continue to be your amazing beautiful self. I will try to do what I can from afar. We're in this together. ❤ you #togetherwearegrand

I feel the same guilt. Especially since I’m an outsider now that we sold this summer after almost 30 years in Trail Creek. I love you. Sending as much energy as I can to hold you up and everyone else too.

I love you I miss you oooooooom🥰... it’s hard to be patient when some things don’t make sense.. but if it’s not done by the book... who know.. some people might raise hell too...urrrrrggggrrrr...HUG!!!!!

I know it doesn't help, but my heart is broken over what has happened in Grand Lake and RMNP. Please try hard not to feel guilty, Lisa. ❤️

I feel your pain and frustration!

We love you guys!!! If we can help in anyway !!!please let us know!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Lisa thank GOD you and family are ok,

i cannot imagine how overwhelming and the work that now must be done, all my best to you and family

truly a terrible and horrifyling event

Lisa, I live in Winter Park

So well said. Hugs. Take care.

BEST,Jay Bois

I would love to come and help you with anything i can,Best jay

Lisa Thank God you and family are ok, I am sure very terrifying and now overwhelming

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Just want to let you all know that I’m here and on but will not be sending out my regular recipe/emails for a bit. It’s going to take a bit for me to logistically regroup.

And THANK YOU to all who have reached out and offered to help. Thank you to all who have donated to helping out those in my community that list everything. It is amazing to see you reaching out to help people you’ve never met. ♥️ This fire was unprecedented and although our home was spared most of our neighborhood is completely gone. Snow and weather moved in although too late to save the community- now with no power there is a scramble to keep pipes from freezing and flooding. We do not yet know when we will be able to return.
All my love and I will be back!
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Amazing news to hear your house was spared! We talked to Jack Apking and they weren’t as fortunate. Wishing you continued blessings!!!❤️

So sad 😢😢 and yet so blessed and happy for you and Scott!! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

Prayers for you and your community Lisa. 🙏

So happy Lisa House Turan, we all have worried about your area. 😘

It happened so fast. We got out and are safe and are pray for our mountain town. It was devastating. We are heartbroken but we are ok Thank you to all who helped and checked on us. ... See MoreSee Less

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Prayers for you and everyone in the Grand Lake area!

Glad you are safe

Glad you are safe. Do you know if your house survived?

Not sleeping well - it’s so stressful not knowing if/when evacuation will happen. A lesson in doing what you can and letting the rest go. I skipped dinner last night. Dreamt about chopped kale and pumpkin seeds at so@e point. Woke up starving and made an amazing breakfast - egg not shown. Doing our best. All we can do. #goodhabitsforlife #grateful #veggiesforbreakfast ... See MoreSee Less

Not sleeping well - it’s so stressful not knowing if/when evacuation will happen.  A lesson in doing what you can and letting the rest go.  I skipped dinner last night.  Dreamt about chopped kale and pumpkin seeds at so@e point.  Woke up starving and made an amazing breakfast - egg not shown.  Doing our best.  All we can do.  #goodhabitsforlife #grateful #veggiesforbreakfast

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