Carrots, are they still okay to eat?

I recently came across this interesting tip from the World’s Healthiest Foods website, one of my favorite places to lose a few hours! –

Many of us have seen a whitish type coating that often forms on peeled carrots—especially those baby bullet shaped carrots—called “white blush.”

DID YOU KNOW when carrots are peeled, the process of peeling takes away the outer protective layer of the carrot root? Without this protective layer, the carrot becomes more easily dehydrated. The carrot helps to protect itself from damage following the loss of its outermost layer by creating a new protective layer of phenols. This new phenol-based layer contributes to the appearance of the “white blush.” If you immersed the carrots in water the carrot cells can absorb some of the moisture that has been lost after peeling.  This rehydration also helps restore its orange color. I personally am not a fan of peeling carrots and losing some of the extra nutrition you get from the peel, but at least we know that the “white blush” on carrots is a natural and protective response to dehydration rather than a reason to think they are bad and ready for the garbage (or compost pile).


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