Are you ready?


Did you make a big resolution on January 1st?  Are you already feeling overwhelmed and your commitment sliding, oh so slowly back to what you are comfortable with?

Is this the year, or week that you try it a little differently?  I talk about habits and changing perspective A LOT, I know.  I do it because it is EVERYTHING!

What is it that you want, what do you really desire?  Everything from losing weight to starting or recommitting to a yoga program to running that 5 or 10k or maybe taking that new job that you really want, can be scary.  Change can bring out the fear in our heads.  But a very smart Daoist recently told me:  Fear isn’t real.  Sit with that one.  Is it really just in my head?  Are you still thinking about it?  Did you already decide that that is a bunch of crap?  It isn’t anything you can see or touch, so what is it if it isn’t just in my head.

So, what I have decided is that fear is simply something I can decide.  Something I allow or not. Something I can actually control by how I react to new and uncomfortable things.  I look at it from a place of what is the worst thing that can happen if I …………………?  I list all the worst things I can think of.  You know what?  What I come up with is, ok – so what?  If I fail, then I try something else.

Taking a big risk when what you’re already doing is comfortable or even if you are already “successful” feels super risky.
Work-wise, maybe a lot riskier if you are successful.
That fear based voice inside your head says you’ll lose it all if you take a risk.

No one wants the possible embarrassment of failing at something you really want.

It feels like trying to be one of the cool kids in 7th grade.

When you stand on the edge of the possibility of getting what you want IT. IS. HUGE!

The realness of succeeding at what you’ve hidden from feels attainable, tangible.  You can almost smell it.
The fear of failing at what you truly, secretly desire feels devastating.

So, you know what you want, and you kind of have a plan as to what you need to do to get it

AND……………. you freak out:

OMG, I cannot lose this weight, get the job, keep the job, run a marathon, (insert dreams here)!

What was I thinking????
Why did I start this?
Who encouraged me?
Screw THEM!
Why aren’t they here helping me now, holding my hand?! ARGHHHH


Fear can be a curse that keeps us from progressing toward our biggest desires.
It can keep us from moving in new directions, because we are afraid of losing what we already have.  It keeps us in a stagnant (yet comfortable) zone of right where we are.  Let’s face it, we all have things we want to do differently, or be different or better.  It doesn’t matter what your dreams and goals are.

I sometimes feel like I have everything I could want.  Honestly. I am blessed and grateful for so much. BUT I want to do more.  I want to help people more.  But I tend to stop myself from really going for it, from growing my business, changing how I do things, because I am not perfect yet.  Now, I know I will never be perfect, so excuses be gone.

So, I am doing it.

My way.  Since the day I learned to talk, authenticity has been my gift, and sometime according to my Dad a curse.
I promise to continue to be genuine, honest, faithful, stay true to my truth- and to you, my followers and clients.
I will be truthful to you and myself.  Part of my 2019 resolution is to “own my own crap”

Taking my business into more of an internet based, social media scrutinized reality is AMAZING!  But it means that I have to be just as honest and vulnerable in that arena as I am in a face to face encounter.  Yikes.  I don’t want to be judged or criticized anymore than you do.  BUT- in order for me to do the work I need to do with you, for you and for me, I’m there.  I’m 100% there.




Why we keep our dreams to ourselves.
Why we continue to stay stuck in the comfort zone of just OK.
Why we would rather just struggle alone than step up and ask for help.



You don’t have to do it alone.  I am here.  I am offering my professional help in your Nutritional goals. 

You don’t have to struggle alone.  To toot my own horn, I am an amazing cheerleader for you! 

All you have to do is contact me.  Together we will design a one-on-one nutritional program that WILL move you forward, maneuver around the story you have been telling yourself for all these years. 

Most of all you will get to eat!  REAL. WHOLE. DELICIOUS. FOOD. 

Maybe you’re teetering on the edge, having bought a new app, purchased yet another bottle of diet pills, or signed up for the latest craze of processed powders and potions, secretly hoping that this time it will last.  There is a reason that the diet industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Almost every book, plan and potion will work at first.  But if you want HEALTHY, life long nutritional habits, you have to do the work.  You have to make changes.  Yes, it is hard.  YES, IT IS WORTH IT.  No, you don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to start.

Or not?  Maybe you are still figuring out if you REALLY want it.  Figuring out if it is really worth making changes for.  Do you really want it bad enough to make the changes?

Maybe your desire is still your secret and you are waiting for the right time to acknowledge it.  It can be “scary and vulnerable” to say that you want something out loud to another person.  You can say it out loud to me.  I promise your desires are safe here.




You are worth achieving your biggest desires.  Your health is everything.  Without it nothing else matters.

You are so successful in many things.


Then why is this so hard?

Because you’re likely used to getting things you work for.
And this goal feels like something you’ve already tried over and over.
You don’t want to live your life eating what tastes like cardboard.
You think there isn’t a road map tailored to you as an individual to get you there.

You think you need willpower.

You think you don’t have enough time or the money to be healthy.

You believe if you don’t do it, you will never be happy.
You’ll know that you let yourself down.

You know that not trying at all, is giving up on yourself and THAT is worse than failing.

I’m here to help you remember:

Failure is just an opportunity to learn a lesson about yourself.
Goals rarely come easily in an A-Z straight line.

Each failure is a part of the whole journey to becoming your best self.

You don’t need to do it alone.

You can decide to change your perspective. You can get the fear out of your head and make room for your dreams.  You can create new and better habits.  If nothing else, practice seeing yourself and what holds you back in that way.

Are you ready? Let me know, just say GO!


Welcome to your best year yet!

Lisa Turan



Makes a one-liter Mason jar’s worth of pickles

10-12 small organic cucumbers

*1/2 cup onion, sliced thick- optional, but lovely*

1 tsp. caraway seeds

3-5 cloves of garlic (depending on how much you love garlic)

1/2 cup fresh dill

2 Tbsp sea salt

1 Tbsp fresh peppercorns

1 clean Mason jar

2 cups of pure unfiltered water


·       Place garlic cloves and ½ of the dill into the jar.

·       Add your cucumbers. Place the remainder of the dill down the sides of the jar.  It helps to fill the jar from the bottom vertically, then place a few horizontally to wedge them in nice and tight. This will help keep them submerged for optimal fermentation.  You can also double, triple, or quadruple the recipe and make a variety of sizes and flavors.  Try slicing the cucumbers thick, and or skipping the caraway, or maybe spice a jar up with some jalapenos or red pepper flakes.  As long as you have the salt/water and dill you won’t mess them up!  The main thing is they need to be packed in and submerged.  The rest is just for looks!


·       Add water until you reach the part of the jar that starts to taper in. Again, make sure they are covered.

·       For exact measuring to your jar:  pour the water from the jar into a measuring cup. For every 1 cup of water, add ¾ Tbsp of sea salt per cup of water – you may want less or more depending on your pickle pallet)

·       Stir the sea salt into the water until completely dissolved and then pour back into your jar of cucumbers.

·       Seal the jar and set on counter covered or in a cupboard that is located in a moderate temperature for your home.  You don’t want them in a hot window or in a cold spot either.   Ensure that the cucumbers stay submerged in the brine, no one wants mold! If they keep popping up, you can cover with a heavy leaf of cabbage or a weight on top to keep them under the brine.

·       Let stand for 3-4 days and then move them to your fridge. Open when you’re ready. Always use a clean fork or spoon to prevent contaminating your pickles.  There are no preservatives in this jar.  ENJOY!

Natural Headache Remedies

Ayurveda is considered to be the “sister science” to yoga. Think of it as the nutritional or internal side to the physical part of yoga.  The yin to the yang.  They work together and complement each other in a way that brings harmony and balance to the body.  The body naturally and continuously will try to restore balance, all you need to do is to give it a little support.

Let’s just face it:  the current state of the world we live in doesn’t exactly promote effortless harmony.  Stress, worry, fear and living in an almost constant state of ‘fight or flight’ leaves us out of balance and exhausted.

This often brings on nagging and irritating headaches.  I am not talking about chronic migraines, but the normal life driven headache.

According the Ayurveda, these headaches are usually caused by tension or stress (aka tension headaches).   The muscles around the head and neck contract and slow down blood flow to the area.  This leads to the ache that moves from the back of the head and often spreads up to the forehead. The blood cannot get in and it hurts.

The other common headache stems from the vascular system.  This too is a result of too much stress for too long.  Fight or flight is only designed for short bursts of needed energy.  It certainly wasn’t supposed to become a way of life 7 days a week.  Not only does it give a good headache, but it wears down the adrenal system and the immune system.  With a vascular headache, the blood vessels in the head and neck first contract, and then expand.  The dilated blood vessels create the pressure in the forehead, temples and can spread throughout the entire head.  The blood cannot get out and it hurts.


So what can you do about it? 

First, reduce your stress and tension.  Schedule some time for yourself to recharge and relax on a regular basis.  Yoga, massage, meditation, even just reading a book, isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for healthy living!

If you get one of these lovely headaches anyway.  The Ayurvedic treatment is easy to remember:

Heat to the feet!

Cold to the Head and Heat to the Feet!  

The feet have tons of blood vessels and when you warm up the tootsies, they dilate.  The circulation increases with the expansion and pulls blood away from the rest of the body (like the head that hurts).  If you don’t have access to or time for resting your feed near a fire, you can simply wrap the feet in a towel with hot water bottles or soak them in a warm tub.  20 to 3o minutes is usually enough.

At the same time, cool the head.  Lying down and placing a cold towel or possibly even an ice pack on the head will help to constrict the congested blood vessels and move that blood away from the head and toward the feet.  Circulation is improved and restored.   As with all things Yoga and Ayurveda, comfort is key.  Don’t stress, the heat and the cold should be comfortable, not painful.

Thinking it’s not enough?  You can layer on one more remedy.  Slice some fresh ginger and steep in hot water for a warm, soothing tea.  This natural remedy will reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and calm your nervous system down into it’s natural and balanced state.  It is also delicious and smells wonderful!