Testimonials from Clients

Lisa’s nutritional plan was a key part of my training plan for a big bike race I entered. The plan was incredibly individualized and catered not only to my caloric needs but also my likes and preferences. I was able to incorporate the plan into my life and I enjoyed sharing all the new, delicious recipes with my family.

Gretta F.

Lisa Turan came into my life shortly after I lost my mother to cancer.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically I felt off balance.  I knew that the coming year would present it’s fair share of challenges.

My first appointment with Lisa was amazing.  I filled out the questionnaire she gave me and together we reviewed it in great detail.  When working with her, you will learn that you are what you eat.  Your diet or lack there of has an impact on every aspect of your life.  To live my life to it fullest, to fuel my body and mind according to my needs, I was presented a personal meal plan.

Lisa pays good attention to the micro and macro nutrients needed, so you are adequately fueled for that particular day.  This is a day by day coaching relationship, to keep her informed on how my body reacts to each meal.

I enjoyed my time with Lisa immensely.  In fact, I did not want it to come to an end.  The support, the daily conversations, the education and the delicious recipes were so worth it!

Juli S.

I love Lisa’s yoga classes!  She is a great instructor, is very knowledgeable and makes the classes fun!  Service to her clients is her motto and I feel blessed to have her in my life! She really cares about her clients!

Sheryl S.

I have been taking Lisa’s Gentle Flow Yoga class in the summer for a few years.  It is the only class I have found that combines stretching, core work, and balance all in the same class.  I love it and miss it when I am away for the winter months.  Lisa is an exceptional teacher.

Jane B.

Thank you, for all your work and light.  <3

Lisa’s yoga classes have helped me deepen my practice and include yoga into my daily life. I have had pain free days, with the strength and flexibility I have gained! She is positive, encouraging and helpful in a gentle, authentic way.

My experience with Nature Works Nutrition has brought me to a well balanced approach to food, and it’s sources, as well as it’s effects on my systems. Lisa helped me to customize and integrate the principles of eating for health and wellbeing in an understandable, non-judgemental way.

Holly M.

I have been participating in yoga classes with Lisa Turan at Stillwater Yoga for at least five years. I have taken many yoga classes at other studios and Lisa is definitely the best instructor I have experienced. Numerous friends whom I have taken to class with me have given the same feedback. Her calm, encouraging manner inspires me to continue and to push myself a bit further. I always leave class feeling better than when I came.

Lois K.

Lisa is a warm and genuine person. Her love and passion for yoga inspire me to take her classes. Safety is a top concern as she checks in at the start of class, asking if there are any injuries or concerns that may need modification.

I enjoy Lisa’s short readings at the beginning and end of class which are self reflections to gain a better understanding and acceptance of ones self.

Lisa has taught me to stay present and in the moment where ever I am. As she is giving instructions, Lisa watches all her students, making sure no one is going to get injured and that everything is executed properly. She will help to modify your poses to challenge you into the fullest expression of the pose. Whether you are doing yoga for the first time, do yoga on and off or do yoga consistently, Lisa is able to work with you.

Cindy Z.

10 reasons why I so enjoy Lisa’s yoga classes:

  1. I  feel comfortable and experience a sense of belonging.
  2. I enjoy the way she works the room and offers a subtle touch or even a glance/smile to uplift us.
  3. Her energy and personality is focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic.
  4. She offers a meditation before she begins and I find that grounding for my body, mind and spirit.
  5. I savor the peaceful environment and music she provides.
  6. She demonstrates flexibility, not just for the body, but her ability to change and cater to those in her class, to both beginners and advanced students at the same time.
  7. She demonstrates an intuition and an ability to listen and care for her students.
  8. She leads by example in her movement, alignment and consistence of  practice. She watches the students and does all she can to prevent injury and to ensure that moves and postures are executed properly.
  9. I can hear and feel that she loves yoga and that energy is transferred to the students.
  10. She knows her stuff, wants to teach, wants to improve, and wants to inspire.

Susan J.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Lisa as a yoga instructor for over 3 years now. In that time, I have found her knowledge of the body to be vast and her approach to be centered on the very truth and wisdom that she carries with her everyday. I feel inspired after each class and buy passes for all my house guests. My husband and I also recently took one of her nutrition classes. I was not surprised that she so gracefully made a complex subject into one that was simple, interesting and enjoyable to learn about. I think Lisa is a great teacher and I look forward to working with Lisa to expand my yoga practice and nutritional counseling. Grand County is lucky to have her!

Linda I.

I found myself lucky to have Lisa as a nutritional coach. One of the best takeaways was “make more deposits than withdrawals”. She gave me great insight to what I was eating; good and bad. I learned about foods I never heard about before and many of those are now incorporated into my everyday life. Nutritional yeast is a great example. Lisa taught me about how important the B vitamins are. I can add the yummy flakes to a baked potato, popcorn or on my eggs in the morning. The most valuable thing I got from Lisa was the wonderful collection of healthy receipts. She could turn a comfort food into a healthy option.  My favorite was her shrimp with spaghetti squash. My family which includes two teenage children loved her receipts too. Thanks!

Brenda F.